Choosing the Right Biologically Appropriate Pet Food

Jan 27, 2019 | Cats, Dogs, Optimum Nutrition, Video

No decision you ever make will have more of an impact on the health of your dog or cat
than choosing the right foods to feed them. Pet food manufacturers want you to believe that their packaged, highly processed diets provide adequate amounts of nutrition to achieve and maintain optimum pet health. We know that a steady diet of highly processed food is not healthy, but many of today’s pet foods consist of the most highly processed foods on the planet, and unfortunately, this gets fed to your best friend every single day.

So how can you tell which pet foods are better? The bad news is that pet food manufacturers don’t make it easy. Pet foods are not required to list the amount of carbohydrates on their labels. Until recently, many people thought grain-based, dry food diets were fine. However, over the last 15 years, there has been a huge increase in things like diabetes, cancer, skin issues, and dental problems among pets. One of the primary suspects is diet, specifically the grain-based dry food that have become so popular.

Today we have so many choices: dry kibble, canned, frozen, dehydrated, freeze-dried, natural, holistic, grain-free, and now even raw. The big pet food companies love dry, grain-based kibble because it’s cheap to make, easy to ship, and makes them billions of dollars. Unfortunately, it isn’t healthy for our dogs and cats. Optimum nutrition can be easily achieved when one is fully informed and willing to make the necessary changes.