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The innate immune system is your pet’s first line of defense against all infectious organisms. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can compromise your pet’s immune system, leaving your dog or cat vulnerable to illness and disease.

Dr. Bill’s Immune Support can provide added protection by enhancing the ability of your pet’s innate immune system to detect, track down, and kill invading organisms. Giving your pet a liquid, capsule or pill can be a challenge, which is why most of our supplements are formulated as a powder that can be sprinkled dry onto any diet or moistened to make a tasty, protein rich broth. It is easy and pets love the taste.


Immune Support contains a carefully formulated combination of 41 active ingredients including a patented and proprietary long chain Beta 1,3 1,6 D-Glucan that scientific research has shown can have a positive impact on the innate immune system, raising it to a level of peak effectiveness.

Immune Support has been shown to be safe and effective for dogs and cats of all ages. Dr. Bill’s supplements have been recommended by over 3000 veterinarians for more than 40 years!

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Made With Biologically Appropriate, Natural Ingredients Including:


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