Immune Support | Strengthen Your Pet’s Immune System

Every day, thousands of our dogs and cats take trips to the veterinarian for skin problems, allergies, infections, various diseases, and cancer. These conditions all have a primary cause; however, another disorder may be adding to the problem – that of a poorly functioning
immune system.

The immune system is the body’s master protector. It is made up of two distinct parts: the innate and the acquired immune systems. The innate immune system is our pets’ first line of defense against foreign intruders like parasites, bacteria, and viruses. When it is functioning properly, it dispatches specific defender cells to kill and remove these invading organisms. Our young dogs and cats experience an immunity gap between 4-12 weeks of age as maternal antibodies disappear and their immune systems have not begun to fully function yet. This may be one reason why so many pets become sick, laden with parasites, and even died around 6-10 weeks of age when they are taken from their mother and siblings and shipped off to pet stores and new homes – one of the greatest periods of maximum stress our puppies and kittens will ever experience. Antioxidants in colostrum can be a great benefit at this time.

As our pets age, the immune system slowly declines – therefore our older pets are more prone to infections and disease and have a higher incidence of cancer. Every senior pet should receive support for their immune systems. Pet immune systems can be suppressed by many things.
More commonly, we think of things like toxins, pollutions, UV light from the sun, allergens, parasites, bacteria, and viruses, but vaccinations, long-term steroid use, antibiotics, a protein deficient diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, physical and emotional stress, and most importantly, failure to provide optimal levels of immune-supporting ingredients can also be a factor.

My Canine and Feline Immune Support products are highly palatable nutritional powders that enhance the innate immune system in its daily fight against disease-producing organisms. Both products contain a patented immune enhancer APG-36 – a long-chain gluco polysaccharide complex with over 30 years of scientific research. Also included are immune-enhancing amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, pre and probiotics, natural antioxidants, nutritional enzymes, and colostrum. With a strong immune system, your dog or cat can achieve optimum fitness and health and potentially should live a longer, healthier life.