Canine Cognitive Support

Canine Cognitive Support is a unique combination of natural ingredients that help support healthy brain function as well as slows down natural cognitive decline in the aging canine.

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Canine Cognitive Support


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Enhanced Mental Focus
Sensory Enhancement
Healthier Brain Function
Healthier Senior Years

Directions Of Use

Dosages may be administered once a day or split and provided twice daily. Sprinkle product onto any canine diet. Mix in or moisten to make a tasty, protein rich broth. To assure freshness and avoid settling, shake periodically, keep sealed, and store in a cool, dry place. Whenever introducing a new animal health supplement to the diet, it is always best to start with half the recommended dosage for the first week.

Recommended Dosage Chart

Daily Recommended Dosage (Servings per Container — 72)

Dogs (All Ages)

Weight Range (lbs.)













1 1/2





100 & Up

2 3/4

Warning: For animal use only. Keep out of the reach of children. In case of an accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)

The basis for a decline in cognitive function in our aging dogs and cats can be biological and/or nutritional. Aging is often associated with a decreased absorption of key ingredients required to nourish the brain. Aging also brings an increase in oxidative stress due to free radical attacks that damage the protein, lipid, and nucleotide structures of the brain. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that oxidative damage and the lack of key nutritional ingredients leads to cognitive dysfunction and memory decline. This process is called Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS).

CDS is not as well recognized in cats due to their obscure nature. It has been estimated that 28 percent of pet cats aged 11-14 years develop at least one age-related behavior problem and this increases to more than 50 percent for cats over the age of 15.

The initial symptoms of CDS in the dog and cat can be mild and are often written off as normal signs of aging. Cognitive dysfunction signs will gradually worsen over time and can be referred to as “cognitive decline.”

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Made With Biologically Appropriate, Natural Ingredients Including:

Docosahexaenoic Acid
Ginkgo Biloba
Vitamin B

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For Senior Dogs

Reportedly, 3 out of 4 senior dogs will exhibit at least 1 clinical sign of cognitive dysfunction. Providing all senior dogs with additional antioxidants and key specialty ingredients to maintain normal brain function and neurotransmission is crucial. Canine Cognitive Support has proven to be superior in slowing the progress of and potentially even reversing the signs of cognitive dysfunction.

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What Pet Owners Are Saying

18 reviews for Canine Cognitive Support

  1. Amazon Customer

    I chose this cognitive supplement because it contains several ingredients I’d found with some research evidence related to improvements in cognitive functioning for dogs. Over the past year and change, I’d started wondering if some of the things I was seeing in my now 11-year-old pittie, like seeming to get fixated on sniffing something or eating grass, were cognitively based. Most recently, in the past few months, she had become a terrible listener off-leash (getting fixated on eating grass bits or smelling things instead), has had very subtle staring sorts of moments, and has seemed to lose track of me and look a little lost occasionally at dog parks. Within a day or two of starting this supplement, all of those things went away. She also is stronger physically, gets less sore after running around at the park, is more playful than she’s been in years, AND it has actually improved her IBD symptoms a bit. I can’t put into words how thrilled I am to have found this supplement, and how grateful I am for the profound effect it has had on my baby girl. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!

  2. Denise

    My Aussie / G. Pyr mix had been getting aggressive with another one of my dogs. She is a little over 10 years old, so I was thinking maybe cognitive issues. I tried a prescription med from my vet, but that didn’t work, so I decided to try a more holistic approach. I chose this specific one, as it mentioned a mood enhancer. BOY, what a difference! We have been on this for about 3 weeks now, and I feel like I’ve got my sweet baby back. I’ve already re-ordered so I don’t run out. It’s easy to use, to adjust “dosages”. Just sprinkle on their food and voila, done. So, yes, I highly recommend this.

  3. Lucille

    The research and thinking behind this product are, in my view and experience as a consumer of related products, beyond compare across the many combination supplements available today for helping dogs with cognitive dysfunction. After only three days on this product, my dog came back from severely debilitating dementia (manifested not only by confusion, but also by visuospatial dysfunction and musculoskeletal weakness) to a level of energy and mobility, with good navigation, that I thought was irretrievably gone. It’s too soon to say how long this will continue, and whether the response will be consistent on a day-to-day basis, but I have more confidence in Dr. Bill’s product than I’ve had in any of the others I’ve tried, primarily because its formula is the only one I know of that seems to work hard to support neurotransmitter production and function directly. It was through this product, moreover, that I learned about DMG, a truly fascinating naturally-occurring substance that can safely be ingested by dogs and humans as a supplement. I am giving this product five stars on the basis of my confidence and its potential for rapid action, and ALSO because my dog is a very poor eater who, nonetheless, happily eats one of his favored foods containing the whole 2/3 scoop of Dr. Bill’s that he needs daily. For now, though, I am hedging my bets a bit, and will soon be giving my dog MCT oil and the patented magnesium product called Magtein (which purportedly crosses the blood-brain barrier) in addition to Dr. Bill’s product. There will be customers here who wonder whether any of the many CCD products now available pass muster as formulae the ingredients of which meet the equivalent of FDA drug approval for efficacy in relation to the disorder they target. The answer will surely be No, but I am really impressed with how many of this formula’s ingredients are, in fact, being studied seriously, at least in small clinical trials, for dementia in both humans and companion animals. The MAO Inhibitor drug (selegiline) that is still the standard for treating dementia in dogs is something I tried in another dog, some years ago, and the response I got with that drug was negligible, and so animal guardians who, like me, are willing to rely on nutraceuticals that have been shown at least to be safe in reasonable doses may, like me, end up being thrilled with the benefits that are possible through Dr. Bill’s canine cognitive support product.

  4. John

    Our 12 year old Golden Retriever suffered from onsets of Doggy Alzheimer’s and has been doing amazing since using this. He eats it with his food every morning and evening with no problems and seems to love the taste. It’s working great for him and I can highly recommend this supplement.

  5. Amazon Customer

    These were very helpful for our dog, especially in the last year of her life. She was almost 19 years old.

  6. Amazon Customer

    my recently adopted 17 year old beagle was showing dementia signs. this powder seems to be helping and is apparently really tasty. the beagle will lick it up straight off a plate, no disguising necessary. I’m using several cognitive enhancers simultaneously and this definitely is helping as part of the mix

  7. Teri

    I used to have my older dog on a different supplement (sadly he’s no longer with us). 2 of our other dogs have now started needing a cognitive supplement & the previous product is no longer avail so we tried this product. The dogs have been on it for a few months & while it helps a bit but we’re not 100% satisfied. What really made me decide to try something else is that the cost jumped $6.00 a bottle!!!

  8. Lucy

    Since learning about your Canine Cognitive Support supplement, my boy has not only improved, he has now stabilized at an impressive level of cognitive function. When we first started using the product there were days when he could not find his way out of corners, and nightly visuospatial dysfunction was so bad that he would walk straight into walls or cabinets, was unable to find his water bowl and needed to be carried back to his bed. In addition he was observably distressed most of the time and there was even a weekend when his rear limbs were weak and sagging.

    As of today, he awakens daily with playfulness and enthusiasm, stretches, wrestles with me as I try to dress him for his morning walk; and, throughout the day and night navigates easily to and from his water and food bowls. He also easily jumps into his bed again or up onto a chair that is outfitted for him. He finds me easily and taps me when he wants a treat just like he used to do before his dementia set in. On outdoor walks he still meanders at times but seems to know what general direction to head; and on cooler days he runs and prances home. Until I witnessed the effects your supplement had on my boy, I didn’t fully appreciate how depressed he had been when still in the throes of dementia. The level of cognitive function improvement since your supplement kicked in has taught me an important lesson I will never forget.

    I will never be able to thank you enough for bringing my Jerry back from the brink of oblivion. I still savor every minute with him, aware that earthly life is not eternal. One other good thing to report besides being able to experience more good days with my Jerry as he ages – my anxiety has been reduced tremendously as well.

  9. Kristi

    My senior dog has a lot of problems. This stuff has definitely helped her. She is more cognitive and is even eating better with this. I will continue use.

  10. John

    Our 12 year old Golden Retriever suffered from onsets of Doggy Alzheimer’s and has been doing amazing since using this. He eats it with his food every morning and evening with no problems and seems to love the taste. It’s working great for him and I can highly recommend this supplement.

  11. Jodi

    My 15-year-old elderly Jack Russell went from being an old man to being middle aged again! Sometimes puppy like. He’s been on this product for about 3 weeks now and it’s made him feel so much better. He no longer jumps on and off the bed all night in an anxious, restless state and has stopped pottying in the house. He even does his laps again like he used too. I couldn’t be happier!

  12. Cheryl

    My 15-year-old dog has a lot of anxiety at night, panting and roaming the house. She sleeps peacefully through the night now. We mix this in with her dinner. It has a nice smell and she doesn’t mind the taste of it. Keep in mind that the scoop that comes with it is buried in the middle of the powder when you get it, we didn’t know that and were using a regular scoop at first and the doses ended up being way too much.

  13. Mike

    We have a couple of older dogs. One, in particular lost ability to run or walk very well. She kept her nose to ground and seemed to be unable to really function. My vet said what be believed was wrong and it would only get worse. It would come and go, usually affecting her for seven to ten days. He recommended trying your product. It’s been 5 months and she hasn’t had a spell since. I’m also giving to a dog even older. My wife and I rescue dogs and cats. We are their forever home-we don’t adopt out. Love and take care of your babies. They can’t do it alone.

  14. John

    Excellent. My dog improved incredibly. He had a stroke and this has really helped him. I couldn’t be happier.

  15. LilLou

    Seems to be helping my 15yo Mini Schnauzer. He has fewer episodes of Doggie-Timers!

  16. Sharon

    My old girl is doing well on this. I had my ES on Senelife when she started showing signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (Doggie Alzheimers). After about 6 mo it stopped working for her so I looked around for something else. Started my old girl (15 yrs) on it about 3 weeks ago after I took her off of Deramax for her arthritis. She is doing VERY well on this and her arthritis does not seem to be giving her pain. She is alert and full of puppy energy. We had a vet appointment this morning and the vet said she was shocked at how active and energetic my old girl is. She didn’t even want to discuss putting Mollie back on any arthritis or pain meds. I give it a big thumbs up.

  17. Manoa

    My recently adopted 17 year old beagle was showing dementia signs. This powder seems to be helping and is apparently really tasty. The beagle will lick it up straight off a plate, no disguising necessary. I’m using several cognitive enhancers simultaneously and this definitely is helping as part of the mix

  18. Sogoli

    This product was recommended by my dog’s vet. My elderly lab mix had been showing signs of confusion (a new symptom for him) and figured a bit of dementia was setting in.

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