HMB is a unique nutritional ingredient produced naturally in the body from the essential amino acid Leucine. HMB functions in the body as a component or building block of muscle tissue. HMB is a patented metabolite of Leucine that has been shown in extensive scientific studies to enhance muscle metabolism. Small amounts can increase muscle size and strength while reducing pain and fatigue associated with hard work or injury.

In situations where metabolic demand is high as in rigorous exercise, disease processes or rehabilitation the body cannot supply sufficient amounts of HMB to meet specific tissue needs. In these situations, dietary supplementation of HMB has been shown to be highly advantageous in maintaining maximum muscle size and function, preventing muscle wasting and reversing muscle atrophy.
Clinical research indicates that supplemental HMB may:
• Increase the strength and lean muscle mass gains associated with training
• Increase strength, muscle mass and functional ability in older animals
• Slow the loss of muscle associated with stress and disease
Animal studies have shown that HMB is a critical element in preserving muscle size and function and is capable of slowing the loss of muscle associated with stress and disease. It also has been proven capable of increasing muscle strength and functional ability in adult and senior animals. As such, it is considered to be a vital component in osteoarthritic conditions where muscle atrophy occurs as a result of limiting the use of affected limbs.

HMB also supports important components of the immune system. Clinical studies in animal models indicate that HMB allows for peak functioning of the immune system enabling it to maximally respond to infectious agents.

Studies conducted at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University have demonstrated that using HMB following surgery or during injury repair helps to decrease the amount of weight loss, increase both the rate and strength of wound healing, and positively influence nitrogen balance resulting in a decreased rate of skeletal muscle

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