Digestive Enzymes


Digestive enzymes aid in the breakdown, absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Enzyme systems evolved in wild animals (precursors to our dogs and cats) based on the types of food sources they consumed. This process created a balance between necessary enzymes and the food taken in. Today’s foods offer diminished amounts of protein and high levels of carbohydrate. This does not match the inherent enzyme systems of our pets that have not had the time it takes to adapt to the dramatic dietary change imposed over the last 200 years.
Digestive Support provides a balanced approach to supplying additional enzymes to assist our pets in digesting and utilizing the kinds of foods being fed today.
The specific enzymes include:
• Protease
• Lipase
• Alpha-galactosidase
• Amylase
• Phytase
• Lactase
• Invertase
• Hemicellulase

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