Psyllium Husk


Psyllium is known for its ability to cleanse the colon by attaching to various intestinal toxins, pulling them aside and removing them naturally. Psyllium seeds are high in dietary fiber and zinc.
Medicinal Uses
• Constipation – increases moisture content in large intestine and colon
• High cholesterol – stimulates bile acid synthesis
• Intestinal problems – promotes healthy intestinal bacteria
Psyllium is derived from the seed of the Plantago psyllium plant. Mucilage is a beneficial portion of psyllium that is a type of soluble fiber with unique high water binding capacities. Psyllium is able to absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water. This can result in a bulking effect in the digestive tract and can also impact gut motility and transit rate.
Psyllium Benefits:
• Helps satisfy the demanding appetite of some dogs or cats that may beg for more food
• Creates the feeling of fullness since it is able to absorb 10 times its own weight in water
• Aids in weight control
• Promote an optimal stool quality
• Helps to absorb excess water in the colon and assist in forming a firmer stool
• Aids in the regulation of blood glucose levels
Which dogs and cats can benefit from psyllium?
• Overweight dogs and cats
• Begging dogs and cats
• Very small breed dogs with constipated stools
• Large and giant breed dogs with softer stools
• Diabetic animals

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